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Best Bike Gadgets – Gearing Up Your Bike

Biking is pursued by many people for different reasons. Some bike for the pleasure of it. Some bike for health and fitness benefits. Some bike for competitive reasons. Others simply bike just for the relaxation it offers them.

The different reasons tell us that bikers have Top Gears varied personalities. This variety is manifested in the physical appearance of their bikes; it can also be seen in the accessories attached to their bikes. Just as people express their inner selves through clothing and accessories, bikers also show their biking personality through the gadgets that they purchase and use.

The “best bike gadget” can be considered a relative term. The best for one biker may not be as important to another. The following list will focus on the different “best gadgets” for the bikers out there.

1. Hokey Spokes. This gadget is something for the artistic and flamboyant bikers. Hokey spokes are actually blades that can be attached to the spokes of the bike’s wheels. A computer mounted on the bike is programmed to display different texts and colors when the biker starts pedaling. Hokey spokes can create a wonderful transformation to your bike by adding some attractive light combinations to it.

2. Atech Detachable Bike GPS. For the adventurous biker, knowing where one is going is really helpful. This device can show the biker his or her global position within 32 feet. The detachable GPS can also measure the altitude of the current terrain.

3. Folding Electric Bicycle. This gadget is an entire bike. This is perfect for those who are pleasure bikers; those who enjoy riding for the scenery and beauty of the surroundings. It has an assist mode that can help during those steep uphill bike rides. The bike has an AC charger and can be folded for easier transportation.

4. Pinhead Bubble Lock. This is perfect for all the bikers. This gadget is an all-in-one set: it locks the different parts of the bike while using just one key. The locking key can also be used as a bottle cap opener. Locking your bike comes stylish with the pinhead bubble lock.

5. VDO A4+. This device is a simple computer that can count the miles traveled and monitor the biker’s speed. If you bike for the sake of burning down calories, then this is a must-have gadget.